Two New “Unmissable” One-Day Workshops

This Autumn we will be running two BRAND NEW high value, high intensity workshops:-

Modelling Success and Making Strategy Work


Modelling Success

Suppose you could successfully ‘de-code’ and replicate any strategy for achieving excellent results?

From our experience we know that any exemplar, who excels in any field, will not know themselves what it is that makes them extraordinarily good.

The art and science of modelling is about defining not just what they do, but precisely how they do it.

Unlike other approaches you may come across, we know that the key to successful modelling is not just about copying an individual’s behaviours – it’s about unpicking the exact cognitive process they employ, as well as understanding the beliefs and values which drive their behaviours.

This one-day workshop will enable you to understand that process, so you can begin to learn how to identify the core elements underlying any successful skill, and then…

  • Adopt it for yourself
  • Pass it on to others, and
  • Select individuals who already possess the characteristics needed to succeed in a role

Date: Tuesday 25 September 2018

Location: Central London (precise venue to be confirmed)

Cost: £250 per person (discounts available for multiple bookings)

Making Strategy Work

Almost every organisation has a strategic plan of some kind.  However, a large proportion of them, even the very best, fail!

This may be because of…

  • Lack of Senior Executive buy-in
  • Minimal staff engagement in the development process
  • The Future Vision is either ill-defined, fuzzy or focused on objectives outside the control of the organisation to make happen
  • The plans describe what ought to be done, but don’t say how these aspirations can be delivered

Huge investments are made in creating a strategic plan.  With limitations on resources, how do you make sure it works and the investment pays off?

This workshop will explain how to…

  • Define the best way to get from here (Present State) to there (Desired State)
  • Recognise the nature of a problem and then how to overcome it
  • Focus and co-ordinate efforts to maximise effectiveness
  • Prioritise activity on those areas that will have the biggest positive impact for the future
  • Enable Senior Leaders to make the most of limited resources

Date: Tuesday 20 November 2018

Location: Central London (precise venue to be confirmed)

Cost: £250 per person (discounts available for multiple bookings)

The workshops will be lead by Ian Ross and are open to all – whatever your previous experience and current levels of expertise.  We’re confident you will acquire valuable additional tools from both these workshops.

Why not come along with your team and gain new insights together?

Contact us NOW to reserve your place(s)

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