21st Century Leadership

LeadershipOur Leadership workshops are all designed to address issues specific to the business and context within which the leader will have to operate.

An initial conversation with the sponsor will identify what precise skills or attributes the organisation wishes to see as a result of the intervention, or what will have to have changed for the programme to have been successful.

Potential Outcomes from a typical Vievolve Leadership Workshop

The majority of our programmes are designed for experienced managers who are looking to develop the leadership skills to excel in their current role and progress towards greater responsibility.  The outcomes from such a workshop are likely to include:

  • Understanding the principles that lead to the most effective leadership approach in a given situation
  • Setting more compelling outcomes for the individual and their teams, making it more likely that organisational goals will be achieved – or exceeded.
  • Adopting the leadership style that is most likely to succeed in a given set of circumstances, given your own personality.
  • Recognising the keys to truly motivating and engaging others.  In particular how to recognise the deeper clues that explain why certain behaviours are present, or there is resistance to change, and what to do about it
  • How to improve skill in leading and managing change that will be effective and sustainable over time.  In particular how to deal with the challenges of ‘second order’ change.
  • How to think more ‘systemically so that whatever decisions are make are likely to be more effective and long-lasting.

Other options that we have developed include:

  • Programmes for graduate recruits starting out on their management career
  • Main Board facilitations where leadership attributes will be critical in a project’s success or failure.  An example would be the resolution of divisions in the board room as a result of a failed acquisition or merger.
  • Workshops for Senior personnel wishing to increase their coaching skills


For further background on our approach to Leadership Development and the philosophy that underpins it, go to Key Skills and Attributes in 21st Century Leadership

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