8 Reasons to attend the 2017 INLPTA Trainers Training

8 reasons why the INLPTA Trainers Training could be the best development opportunity for you and your future career…

People have asked why they should come to the 2017 INLPTA Trainers Training in West Yorkshire, England as opposed to attending some other Trainers Training elsewhere. This is a fair question, and at INLPTA we encourage everyone to consider carefully which trainings they choose to attend. Often people choose trainings solely on the basis of price and/or convenience. These however may not be the best criteria to base your decision on. Let me tell you why…

As a new NLP Trainer you will need several things to be successful. First, you will need credibility. This comes from being a member of a professional NLP trainers association. Your certification will be through the International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Association (INLPTA). INLPTA is dedicated to professionalism, competency and integrity in the training and use of NLP. INLPTA has developed complete standards for certification as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Master Trainer. These certification standards reflect the diversity of people learning NLP throughout the world and the new material that has been developed over the years. Also there are different certification standards for Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings in General and in Business contexts. Anyone completing the training may join INLPTA if they agree to uphold its standards and to teach courses meeting its guidelines. Members may purchase INLPTA seals/certificates and may use the INLPTA logo in advertising. In short, the INLPTA seal and logo is recognized around the world as the ‘gold standard’, a symbol of professionalism, quality, ethics and competency in NLP.

Second, you will need to know what to train. The INLPTA Practitioner and Master Practitioner content is taught by aligned trainers on all five continents. It includes both classic and new patterns of NLP and draws from all of the different schools of NLP. Many people just teach technique or a few simple patterns. INLPTA places an equal premium on both understanding and doing. Understanding is particularly critical for a trainer. At INLPTA you learn the why, what and how of NLP as well as where and when to apply it in the world.

Third, you will need to know how to train. The INLPTA training design and platform skills models have come from modeling the most successful trainers both in and outside of NLP. The INLPTA training design model is probably the most sophisticated available anywhere in the world. The platform skills model has come from modeling both trainers and entertainers including rock stars, comedians and professional magicians. The INLPTA Trainers Training is the most complete practicum on training available anywhere in the world in any format. You will experience more high quality feedback and more skill development during this three weeks than at any other period in your life.

Fourth, you will need to know how to successfully market your services. In this day and age few people can make a successful living simply from teaching NLP. You will need to market both NLP trainings and consulting services to live comfortably. This training presents marketing models drawn from the business world and refined in the crucible of hard knocks. In short, you will be provided with a street-smart approach to marketing your NLP services.

Fifth, you will need a pathway for development. INLPTA offers a Master Trainer Training for people who have successfully taught INLPTA Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings for three years. At INLPTA Master Trainer is neither an honorary title nor just another training level. It is an integral part of a skill development process. To become a Master Trainer you do have to attend one or more Master Trainers Trainings, and you also need to have a broad experience training NLP and to make a contribution to NLP by developing a new NLP pattern or application. Once you become a trainer you will need a growth path that only a professional trainers association can offer you. Attendance at the Master Trainers Training and assisting at the Trainers Training provide an opportunity to continually upgrade your skills and to get valuable feedback that can only come from your peers.

Sixth, you need to look at the credentials and experience of the people who are training you. Wyatt Woodsmall was the first person in NLP ever certified as a Master Trainer and is the only person in NLP certified as both a Master Trainer and a Master Modeler. Wyatt has been using NLP for over 35 years and has been conducting successful NLP Trainers Trainings since 1986. He has conducted more trainers trainings than anyone else in NLP. Wyatt has trained NLP to thousands of students in over 20 countries on all five continents, and he has a better idea of what the international NLP standards are than anyone. Also Wyatt is a professional modeler with years of experience in successfully capturing, encoding, replicating and transferring expertise. This allows him to draw on expertise from many fields and to escape from the myopic vision of many people in NLP today. Wyatt is joined this year by an exceptional training team in INLPTA Master Trainers Dr Henrie Lidiard and Reb Veale.

Henrie is one of the finest NLP Trainers in the world and she combines her scientific rigour and precision with an exciting and energizing teaching style. A Master trainer since 2004, she has co-trained and assisted Wyatt on 10 Trainer Trainings internationally.  She has researched the application of NLP to palliative care and MRI radiography, is an experienced modeller and is also one of the leading authorities in NLP on working with the body’s intelligence.  In addition to her experience in NLP she also trains groups in mBIT and the Enneagram.

Reb is a successful business owner, coach and trainer with a passion for raising standards in the world of NLP and coaching.  She is psychotherapeutically trained and is a registered occupational psychologist. She has a wealth of business experience and a profound appreciation of language and meaning (she is fluent in 4 European languages and understands several more). She is also an international mBIT Trainer and is on the organising committee of the annual ANLP Conference.

In short, you will be studying with people who have over 40 years combined experience teaching trainers trainings and over 60 years combined experience teaching NLP. You are in safe, skilled and experienced hands.

Seventh, you need to be certified to train NLP, and you need to be evaluated on your merits and skills and not on politics and personalities. Wyatt has certified trainers in over 20 countries on all five continents. Many trainers only give “attendance certificates” or give Trainer certificates with strings attached. INLPTA is dedicated to promoting standards of excellence and professionalism in the training of NLP. It is a professional organization and not a ‘personality cult’. You will be judged on your competency and not on your devotion to the trainers. Wyatt, Henrie and Reb are not interested in disciples and clones but in people who want to train NLP with competency, flair, professionalism and integrity.

Eighth and finally, you need to train with people who teach NLP with professionalism and integrity and for the right reasons.   When one first enters any field one is attracted by what it can do for them. Over time selfish interests begin to fade and the discipline itself takes on a significance of its own. In the final phase one gives back to the work in gratitude for what it has done for them. Before you can move on, you must leave someone in your place. INLPTA Trainers Trainers are known for their level of integrity and for their dedication to the work. They all leave their ego’s at the door and invite you to do the same.

If any or all of these eight reasons appeal to you, then you should attend this training. If other factors are more important, then you should train elsewhere. In any case we can only hope that whatever NLP path you choose you will do so with integrity.

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