Change Management

It is often said that over 80% of all significant change initiatives fail. We therefore put our attention on the 20% or so that work. Over 20 years ago, psychologist David McClelland suggested that there were three requirements that have to be met for any change to be sustainable over time: People must be …

… Willing to change … if they are not, this becomes a motivation issue

… Able to change … if they are not, this becomes a competency or development issue

… Not be prevented from changing … if they are, this is a “systemic” issue.

Simple though it is, this framework still provides a place to start with any change intervention.

One of the commonest problems is that people address the presenting issues without necessarily getting at the underlying root cause – we are skilled at considering the complete “system” within which any given change is required. This means that we are uniquely placed to help you identify and act on those factors that will actually deliver the results you require. We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate change processes more cost effectively than you would think possible.

A typical workshop will include

  • The keys to successful change interventions
  • How to avoid the pitfalls in change programmes
  • How to increase employee engagement both before a change programme starts and also how to deal with it once it has started
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