‘Coaching Clinic’ Days

Stressed manAccording to a survey published in April 2014 by the charity Depression Alliance a third of people struggle to cope at work because of depression, stress or burn out – and some 83% of those affected experience isolation or loneliness as a result.

The research involving 1,200 people across the UK also found that only half of those feeling lonely or isolated had confided in a colleague, yet nearly three quarters (71%) found that discussing their situation with a colleague helped them feel better.

The survey reveals the high numbers of people affected by stress, and consequent depression, at work, and highlights the need for employers to take action to better recognise the condition and to support affected staff

This is the catalyst for us to re-introduce our ‘Coaching Clinic’ days – a confidential service that we have run for a number of clients in the past.

How does it work?

For these initiatives we provide an expert Coach (or coaches), you provide a private office, and we run a series of 40-50 minute sessions throughout the day.

That means we can accommodate up to seven individuals in one day, and they can bring any issue to the table (personal or professional) with complete confidentiality.  Typically this may include things like…

  • Help with unachieved outcomes/goals
  • Career plans or choices
  • Performance issues
  • Personal confidence
  • ‘Returners’ – e.g. following maternity leave or career break
  • Interpersonal concerns or conflicts

Apart from the obvious benefits to the individuals, this approach also provides notable advantages to the organisation including the fact that it is a highly cost effective way of providing help and support to employees – especially when compared with the potential cost of lost productivity resulting from the effects of stress in the workplace

Our experienced coaches are highly skilled in their ability to build rapid rapport and create a coaching environment that is relaxed and supportive, yet challenging.  Our coaching style is non-directive and will encourage coachees to develop solutions that are aligned, achievable and sustainable for their own situation.

At the outset of each session, we confirm a contract of confidentiality so that the individual can be assured that there is no feedback to his or her employer unless specifically sanctioned by the coachee.

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