Graves Values Systems Workshop

Have you ever wondered why it is…

…that so many organisations (maybe including your own) are involved in major Change Processes of one kind or another, whilst most research shows that over 80% of these initiatives fail to be sustainable over time?

This two-day workshop on The Graves Values Systems Model offers a set of powerful tools that enable you not only to identify what lies behind and drives the whole process of change, but also how to utilise this knowledge to create lasting, effective transformation.Graves SystemUsing one of the most powerful behavioural technologies available today, this programme will enable you to enhance your ability to communicate, lead, manage, motivate and influence change with virtually anyone.

In particular you will gain invaluable insights into…

  • A powerful model for enhancing, influencing and managing so-called ‘difficult’ relationships
  • Effective methods of influencing and implementing change processes that will sustain over time
  • Ways in which you can work with whatever values are driving the behaviour of others (without agreeing or condoning them) to achieve breakthrough results
  • The reasons why the actions of apparently difficult people or intractable situations make perfect sense to the other parties involved.
  • Effective tools for influencing others as a much deeper level – without prejudicing your own integrity

Based on the work of Dr Clare Graves, this workshop explores the ways in which values systems emerge and evolve over time (at individual, team, organisational and cultural levels), and how an understanding of the values in operation enables breakthrough in such areas as sales, negotiations, conflict resolution, leadership and change management.

To our knowledge, there is no comparable workshop currently available in the UK (or indeed through Europe), offering the same depth of knowledge, expertise and relevancy of this material.  This is because…

  • The course will be lead by Ian Ross, who is one of the few people in the world to have been working with this model, and its commercial and cross-cultural applications, since 1993
  • Vievolve consistently apply this material in ‘real time’ – in negotiation, coaching, business consultancy and meetings facilitation scenarios.  This means we have extensive experience and practical examples of how the theory works in practise
  • We are one of the few organisations in the UK to be licensed to use the Graves Values analysis tool (Integral Change Technology) developed by Dr Wyatt Woodsmall.

Click here to read more about Dr Clare Graves and  the importance of Values Systems in a business context

Course Date

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Central London


£650 (+ vat) per person – discounts available for multiple bookings

Quotes from previous participants on the workshop…

“I’ve come across lots of ‘models’ in the past, but none as practical and relevant as this.  I’m sure it will have a profound impact on my ability to negotiate successful deals and lead more effective teams” – Sales Director, Telecoms

“An extremely stimulating and productive workshop.  I’d recommend it to managers interested in better understanding their staff and resolving conflicting behaviours” – Senior Civil Servant

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