High Performance Coaching

The overall aim of coaching is performance improvement. In addition, those organisations who are seeking to continually improve their service and customer satisfaction levels through building and maintaining a highly motivated and competent team have seen that the adoption of coaching philosophy makes a significant difference.  In particular this may be seen through…

Evolving a culture of personal and professional development

  • Addressing performance related issues before they become difficult
  • Increasing effectiveness of performance year end and interim meetings with staff
  • Building the capacity for individuals to speak to an independent person about work or other, more sensitive issues, where they may feel it’s not appropriate to talk to their own manager.
  • Supporting those involved in any Mentoring initiative that may exist in the organisation

This programme can provide a number of benefits to the organisation as a whole, including…

  • Providing a shared understanding of what coaching is so that it is seen as a natural part of the organisation’s approach.  This will be achieved by…
    • Ensuring that there is a high level of involvement with the participants and they have the motivation to continue the process post event
    • Options for on-going support to build in additional momentum and refine skills
  • A noticeable increase in overall skills and capabilities, especially…
    • An improvement in their listening, communication and other so-called ‘soft skills’
    • Dealing with interpersonal conflicts and challenging situations

From an individual perspective, as a result of attending this programme participants will have…

  • Developed an effective coaching style appropriate to their own personality (thereby avoiding the ‘cloning’ effect)
  • Increased their confidence in handling a range of coaching situations, particularly those that are more complex and challenging in nature. For example those involving beliefs and values based issues.
  • Enhanced their ability to build high levels of rapport and trust with their coachee as well as a deeper understanding of how they structure their internal world
  • Developed their awareness of the non-verbal (relationship) elements of coaching, including the power of silence.
  • Developed strategies to reduce their own workload, through their own personal development and by coaching others to achieve more of their potential.

Cost: £650 + vat

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