How to gain or improve essential skills

The Context

Training and development budgets, along with advertising, are often the first to go in difficult times.

Many methods covered on training programmes do not transfer easily into the everyday working environment or deliver the results they promise.

Careful, targeted investment in specific, outcome oriented interventions can make a big difference, not only to immediate performance, but also to the bottom line.

What We Can Do To Help

Our objective in any project with you is to minimise the time and cost involved by identifying the critical factors that will introduce or increase the required skill.

The first step in developing a learning programme for you will be a careful identification of your criteria for a successful outcome. In other words, what will the target group be doing after the intervention that they are not doing currently? The more specific we can make these goals the more measurable our results become.

A programme is then designed to yield the required results and, if necessary, a pilot will be run to test the validity of the design.

In selected cases we can offer a “Performance Modelling” capability. This is especially useful in high cost / high value roles such as consultancy. It involves identifying what your top performers believe or do (usually outside of their conscious awareness) that the average individual does not do.

For those occasions where there are only a limited number of people to be trained in a particular skill we also run a range of successful public / open programmes aimed at skill development.

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