How to implement effective change programmes

The Context

A vast amount of money is spent each year on change programmes of one kind or another.

Most observers suggest that 80% of significant change initiatives fail.

If full achievement of the originally agreed objectives is taken as the measure, then the percentage is even higher.

The good news, of course, is that some initiatives do deliver the required results.

The potential cost savings are enormous, whether you are embarking on a brand new campaign or are trying to turn a failing project around.

What We Can Do To Help

Our Directors’ experience of facilitating many types of change initiatives over the last 21 years means that we can help you introduce the underlying (often counter-intuitive) strategies adopted by the world’s most successful change agents.

For change programmes at an early stage we can help define the goals and criteria for success, as would anyone else. The difference we bring is that we will also facilitate a process to agree how the various members of the team will relate to each other and, in particular, how they will address conflicts as they arise.

For programmes that are failing for some reason, we are skilled at listening to what is not being said as well as what is actually stated. This means that we can often get to the core of the problem much faster than is normal. We can then facilitate an intervention to address the specific reasons for resistance.

Because of our listening and communication skills, all parties involved in the required change will feel engaged even though their specific view, attitude or approach may not be the one finally adopted.

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