How to increase employee engagement?

The Context

Employee engagement is becoming increasingly recognised as a critical factor in any organisation’s future performance.

Improving it in times of severe economic pressure is potentially difficult (but not impossible) by adoption of an appropriate creative approach.

Most people do not come in to work to be deliberately de-motivated, difficult or obstructive so there is an opportunity to “re-engage” them if we can identify and utilise the underlying drivers for the previous attitude.

Most initiatives designed to increase engagement address the wrong issues.

However, as a result of a successful intervention, the employees feel recognised and the organisation benefits from renewed energy and productivity.

What We Can Do To Help

Vievolve’s expertise in working with challenging team situations can be of major benefit to you in getting fast, observable results.

One of the keys to increasing engagement is to listen very carefully to understand what it is that an employee or team gets out of not engaging and to utilise that characteristic rather than attempting to change it.

Executives and other senior managers often forget that they will have been discussing a new project for some time before it is announced to the rest of the workforce. A simple, but effective intervention therefore is to get those managers to reconsider the issue, but through the eyes of the team. Then, it becomes possible to answer the question “What would I, as a member of this team, need to see or hear to encourage me to engage with it?”

We offer you an initial consultation free of charge to explore possible interventions.

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