Impact and Influence

In many busy organisations, where people are good at what they do, there can be an unwitting tendency to focus attention on the immediate task in hand, at the expense of the larger picture and the so-called ‘soft skills’ required for sustained business results.

The emphasis of this programme is to increase participants’ awareness of the impact and effectiveness of their interpersonal skills.  It will introduce the tools, structures and thinking that will enable participants to enhance their ability to exert indirect influence, especially when facing those more ‘difficult’ people and situations, thereby increasing the effectiveness of any business relationship and the results achieved.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to…

  • Develop the confidence to recognise and respond to the whole communication process (verbal and non-verbal, overt and covert) in order to create more productive and rewarding business relationships.
  • Recognise and utilise differences in communication and thinking styles in order to improve their influencing and negotiation skills
  • Develop increased self-awareness – in particular, the effect they are having on others and the self-limitations they impose.
  • Increase their flexibility and confidence in responding to challenging situations – especially when dealing with so-called ‘difficult’ people
  • Develop tools and strategies to enable them to break deadlocks when someone is perceived as being ‘unco-operative’ or a situation becomes stuck in some way.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the effect of beliefs and values on our behaviour and the potential impact of this on overall effectiveness.
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