Meeting Facilitation

Meetings Facilitation

This high value service provides you with an expert facilitator who will help you achieve sustainable, systemic outcomes, faster and more cost-effectively than is usual with any high level, complex intervention.

Our approach enables your senior people to concentrate on the content of the discussions without having to pay attention to the process itself.

Because our facilitators listen and question exceptionally well, they are able to cut through the detail of any complex transaction to get to the critical decisions that will make the most difference to the eventual success of the project or process.

Previous client interventions have included:

  • Short series of project team facilitations to manage a large, financial services, multi-contractor website development programme
  • Team facilitation to plan the relocation of an entire service support operation in the communications and media sector
  • Financial Services Board facilitation to resolve differences arising from a failed merger
  • Meeting between the senior management team and the Trustees of a charity to resolve issues regarding future strategy
  • Senior meeting in a major utility to discuss a large technology investment
  • Senior management meeting to discuss how a large energy plant could be closed with minimum consequences and cost
  • Meeting between representatives of a large government department and one of its small but critical suppliers to resolve differences in approach and service delivery

Please contact us for a free confidential discussion about what might be possible in your own situation.

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