Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

This workshop explores leading-edge skills for planning, delivering and closing successful negotiations.  It is designed for managers who need to negotiate at a senior level, or those who are involved in service level agreements and contract negotiations.

A key element of this workshop is that it focuses on a deeper understanding of the underlying strategies and thinking that differentiate expert negotiators and enables you to maintain a principled approach even when you are exposed to unscrupulous or bullying tactics.

Workshop Overview

This workshop combines the rigour of the Harvard Law School approach to successful negotiation with tools and insights available from

  •  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Systems Thinking and
  • The Graves Values Model (originated by the late Dr Clare Graves and further developed by Vievolve)

It will enable you to…

  •  Enhance your competence in all forms of negotiations and conflict resolution – business and personal, short-term and long-term and those involving multiple stakeholders
  • Get beyond surface problems to work with deeper seated issues, especially those involving clashes of beliefs and values, aggressive tactics, or other psychological “games”.
  • Increase your awareness of the key elements that exist within a relationship and your ability to move complex situations towards win/win/win outcomes – i.e. a win for you, a win for the other party and a win for the bigger system.
  • Understand the background, attitudes and mental approach of the different parties, so you can feel more in control of what is happening and therefore have more choice of action.

 Typical Topics Covered

Key elements of the workshop include:-

  •  Graves Values Model
    • An in-depth exploration of the eight human developmental levels defined so far and the core values associated with them.  This provides insights into how to adapt our approach to each customer/negotiation situation to reflect their (often undisclosed) needs. A working understanding of this model is especially helpful when dealing with “difficult” stakeholders
  •  Conflict Resolution Model
    • A highly effective strategy to enable you to get movement back into any situation, negotiation or relationship that is ‘stuck’ in some way.  This model is unique to Vievolve workshops, as it was developed by Ian Ross (see overleaf) for dealing with apparently intractable problems and has been used by us extensively in ‘live’ negotiations around the world. It has also been adopted by our clients when dealing with complex commercial, governmental and security issues.
  •  Values Hierarchy
    • All human decisions are based on values, which are usually outside of conscious awareness.  This session provides a strategy for defining which values are currently driving the behaviour of all parties involved in a negotiation/conflict (including your own) in order that you can focus on those which are likely to drive a decision making process.
  •  Harvard Seven Elements
    • This model provides an invaluable guide to the structure and dynamics of a negotiation, especially when you are unsatisfied with its results. By increasing awareness of the many components that exist within any negotiation you will increase your ability to move complex situations towards “win/win” outcomes through having more choice of action.
  •  Dealing with Conflict Situations
    • A series of exercises designed to help you free up your thinking about a particular conflict – for example within a team, with clients/suppliers or between other individuals or groups. The result will be an increased understanding of the deeper structure of the conflict and therefore new choices for future action.
  •  Turning a “No” into a “Yes”
    • A simple yet highly effective model for raising the chances of converting a resolute “no” into a possible “yes”

Workshop Format

The material covered on this workshop is designed to be highly practical in nature.  All sessions will be fully interactive and tailored to meet the needs and situations most relevant to the participant group.

We suggest that participants come prepared to discuss their own challenging stakeholder situations

The focus will be on utilising participants’ individual strengths and exploring opportunities for transferring the skills in ways which are immediately relevant to their own business situations and working environment.

A key factor in this is our ability to challenge participants and encourage them to explore the factors that will enable them to apply the skills on a day-to-day basis.

Workshop Facilitator – Ian Ross

Ian is an international consultant, executive coach and Director of Vievolve Ltd.  He is one of the few INLPTA accredited Master Trainers in the world and combines this expertise with Negotiation and Conflict Resolution studies at Harvard.  This provides access to learning from the absolute cutting edge of human leadership and personal development technology, alongside the academic rigour of the negotiation and conflict resolution models and strategies available from the Harvard Law School.

His expertise is built on a long  and successful commercial career spanning posts in British European  Airways, East African Airways (Nairobi, Kenya), Hertz Corporation, Four Square Catering and Vending (Division of Mars), Avis Car Leasing (Joint venture with Midland Bank) and Team Training Europe. He has been working as a specialist business consultant for over 25 years.

His ability to work rapidly and in-depth under very difficult physical, emotional and cultural conditions enables successful outcomes for his clients. In particular, with his skill and humour, it becomes possible to address the most sensitive issues that are likely to stand in the way of defining and achieving visions, goals and other aspirations.

His speciality is negotiation and conflict resolution, and he has run workshops in Europe, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa on this topic and facilitated a multitude of complex meetings on behalf of corporate and government clients.


Central London

Course Fee

The cost of the programme is £650 (+vat) per person


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