Presentation Skills

The aim of this workshop is to provide you with key tools and skills which can be used to enhance your ability to present with confidence and impact to an audience of any size.

In particular it will enable you to…

  • Develop a presentation style that is professional, polished and compelling to your audience, while retaining your individuality and personality
  • Use a simple yet very effective proven framework that provides greater engagement with your audience, by identifying and matching their deeper needs and motivations
  • Increase your vocal range and flexibility and therefore the results you achieve
  • Practise using language that is memorable and convincing to your audience, and building high levels of rapport through your non-verbal behaviour
  • Maximising your non-verbal influence through increased self-awareness and confidence

The workshop will be highly practical and experiential in style, and will explore two key areas…

  • Methods for preparing and structuring the content of your presentation in order for it to be as memorable as possible and have maximum impact.
  • A range of platform skills for delivering effective presentations, as demonstrated by exemplars in this field.

Short workshops are also available for clients interested in exploring how to increase the interest level created by PowerPoint presentations.

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