In today’s highly competitive, ever-changing and uncertain business climate… what can you do to give your staff and organisation the tools they need for continued success?

Many organisations are now realising that staff development  is an important means to achieving the results they want and sustaining them over time.

We recognise that it’s not always feasible (for reasons of budget, scheduling etc.) to run an in-house course for staff.  However, our range of public courses provides the opportunity for individuals or small groups to develop the practical tools to enhance performance in all areas of the business, including  leadership skills, performance management, sales, negotiations, team building, coaching and change management.

Consider the following …

  •  What is the value of a 5% increase in productivity, gained through increased influencing and negotiation skills with internal and external clients?
  • How many meetings does a typical manager attend in a week and what cost saving would be achieved by reducing average meeting time by 25%?
  • What are the general stress levels in the business at the moment and what would be
  • the impact of an intervention that really addresses the underlying issues?
  • How can you build on or leverage other activities/training programmes you have undertaken?

Attendance on our courses, will provide answers to these questions – and many more, and offer the expertise your staff need to maintain your commercial edge.

What we offer

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is fast becoming recognised by many individuals and organisations as an important means to achieving the results they want and sustaining them over time. We offer a range of business-based NLP Accreditation courses, which go beyond the ’standard’ approach to NLP providing practical applications, presented in a relevant, conversational way, without the need for extensive jargon.
  • The ability to negotiate sustainable agreements and build successful relationships has never been more important. Our Negotiation and Conflict Resolution course is ideal for anyone who is involved in any form of negotiation or mediation – in professional or personal life/in the boardroom or on the shop-floor/for short-term and long-term goal achievement

 Why Vievolve?

  • We are one of the most experienced Business Consultancies in the UK, offering a 21st Century approach to organisational and personal development.
  • All our team have strong commercial backgrounds and we have been applying NLP in business contexts worldwide since 1988.
  • Our highly experienced team  hold the highest international accreditations in NLP and other related areas.

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