Coaching for High Performance

Coaching has become ‘fashionable’ over the last few years, and for those of us who have been involved in business coaching as a leadership and performance enhancement tool for over thirty years, this is both good news and bad news…

  • The good news is that, because of the much higher public profile of the ‘label’, organisations and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the potential benefits of incorporating coaching into their overall learning and development strategy.
  • Unfortunately, the bad news is that the plethora of academies, forums and institutes apparently focusing on coaching has led to increasing difficulty in finding a provider who can best fulfil your needs.

At its best, coaching is one of the most cost effective, performance improvement mechanisms available to any organisation. However, those organisations that have successfully incorporated coaching as a fundamental part of their operational and developmental strategies have recognised that one of difficulties is in securing the most competent professional coaches.  For the most part, this has arisen because of a lack of recognisable international accreditation and certification.

We pride ourselves as only providing first-class, qualified coaches to you, all of whom have both a proven track record in business and high levels of coaching expertise backed up by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), which we believe to be the most rigorous of the certificating bodies.

Word of mouth is, and remains, the most powerful recommendation for coaches and almost without exception Vievolve’s coaching clients have come to us because of a personal recommendation from someone else.

What is it that distinguishes our approach from the rest?

image of team
To maintain our reputation as one of the leading suppliers of business coaching in Europe, we offer three distinct approaches…

We will be pleased to provide individual references on request or please contact us for further details on any aspect of Coaching.

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