Coaching Training

Coaching Training

We believe that there is a difference for most organisations in the level of experience and expertise that they might reasonably expect from an external coach as compared to an internal coach. In the latter case, competency in career, task and performance related contexts would be expected whereas the majority of internal coaches would not necessarily expect to deal with deep-seated ‘life’ issues. In addition to the exploration and resolution of disputes between a team member and Line-Manager, this may be the primary role for the external coach.

For that reason, we also offer bespoke Coaching programmes for existing or newly appointed organisational coaches. Although these are designed on an individual basis for each specific client, they normally fall into one of two major types of workshop:

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Skills training

Introductory and advanced programmes will be designed for managers and others who want to develop or increase their coaching skill. Inputs are provided on the most effective methods and ways of thinking exhibited by exemplary coaches. Core inputs typically include …

• Outcome thinking as a strategy for increasing performance
• Introduction to Values Theory.
• Influence of values on activity – especially where actual behaviour varies from what is desirable.
• Impact of Graves Values system on performance and expectations.
• Influences on change.
• Requirements for any change to be sustainable over time.
• Structure for defining what level of thinking has to be triggered to secure commitment and change.
• Increasing influence through tonality and non-verbal behaviour.


This is the most common intervention for those clients with existing internal coaches who wish to raise their level of expertise and confidence. This workshop is very informal in style and normally enables highly individual outcomes to be achieved by participants. The basis of this type of workshop is as follows:

• Live coaching with ‘real-time’ coaching of the coaches
• Immediate review of individual recorded sessions
• Additional inputs on appropriate technologies and ways of thinking added as required.

Clients have included Cap Gemini, Dell Computers, Nationwide Trust, Royal Mail and Warner Brothers

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