Advanced Coaching Masterclass

It has never been more vital to ensure that you and your organisation are in the best possible position to…

  • Maintain growth
  • Meet (or exceed) targets
  • Enhance motivation, and
  • Achieve results

Effective coaching skills are a key factor in making this happen and this one-day Masterclass will provide an important opportunity for you to…

  • Further enhance and refine your coaching skills – especially in those situations involving deeper, ‘values based’ issues
  • Work through specific coaching scenarios with which you are faced (particularly those which feel ‘stuck’ in some way)
  • Receive immediate feedback on your impact as a coach, and have the opportunity to act on that feedback in ‘real time’

This workshop will be of particular benefit to anyone who has previously attended an NLP Coach Practitioner course and/or regularly conducts formal (or informal) business coaching sessions with clients/staff.

The day will be facilitated by Ian Ross (INLPTA Master Trainer and Coach Trainer),and if you have worked with Ian before, you will know that he is one of the most highly skilled and experienced personal and business coaches in the UK (if not in Europe).

“Working with Ian has taken my coaching skills to a whole new level – his awareness and insightful questions have opened my eyes to what is possible in coaching”

“I am now much more confident as a coach – especially when dealing with situations which I would previously have considered too sensitive or ‘risky’ to tackle with a client”

Course Dates

Next available date will be announced shortly.

Call or contact us for more information.


These programmes will be run at one of our regular venues in South Oxfordshire.

Course Fee

The cost of the masterclass is £150 (+vat) and this includes a light breakfast on arrival, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

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