Values Systems

Graves’ Values System Masterclass

This day will be of interest to you if you…

  •  Have some knowledge of the Graves’ Values Systems model – whether that is…
    • From attending one of our NLP workshops where we introduce the material
    • Via any other training event where the work of Dr Clare Graves is mentioned
    • Through reading any articles or books on the subject (e.g. Spiral Dynamics)


  • Have been applying it in business/personal situations and have questions about its relevance and practicality


  • Would like additional strategies for applying the Graves Model to situations such as
    • Selling and negotiation
    • Conflict resolution
    • Team leadership
    • Personal and/or organisational change

We believe we are in a unique position to run this event because we have been applying this material in ‘real time’ for almost 20 years – in sales, negotiation, coaching, business consultancy and meetings facilitation scenarios – and therefore have extensive knowledge, experience and practical examples of how the theory works in practise.

“I’ve come across lots of ‘models’ in the past, but none as practical and relevant as this. I’m sure it will have a profound impact on my ability to negotiate successful deals and lead more effective teams”

“An extremely stimulating and productive workshop. I’d recommend it to managers interested in better understanding their staff and resolving conflicting behaviours”

Course Dates

The programme will be led by Ian Ross and the next date for your diary is 22 October 2012.

Call us for more information or contact us now to book a place.


These programmes will be run at one of our regular venues in South Oxfordshire.

Course Fee

The cost of the masterclass is £150 (+vat) and this includes a light breakfast on arrival, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

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