NLP Coach Practitioner

Coaching is recognised as a core skill in today’s business environment and this programme will provide the tools, understanding and confidence to significantly raise your expertise in this important area


This innovative and exciting workshop will enable you to …

  • Significantly increase your confidence and competence in dealing with deeper, values based coaching situations.
  • Handle any type of coaching situation – from ad hoc ‘coffee machine’ coaching to longer, more formal sessions.
  • Build high levels of rapport and trust with your coachee as well as a deeper understanding of their ‘map of the world’.
  • Further develop your ‘second position’ skills in order to gain insights into the coachee’s internal state and therefore the most effective next step – even before they are aware of it themselves.
  • Be clear about your desired outcome for a question before you ask it.
  • Refine your linguistic and questioning skills in order to, frame questions in such a way as to make it most likely you will achieve your outcome.
  • Recognise and utilise the coachee’s deeper thought processes, patterns and strategies
  • And much more…

There are many coaching courses which offer some form of accreditation, but there are none that we are aware of which offer the unique combination of …

  • Rigorous ethical and competency standards.
  • Internationally recognised accreditation.
  • The opportunity to work with trainers with a combined experience of over 30 years of working at a high level in this field.

The course will be led by Ian Ross – INLPTA Master Trainer and Coach Trainer, and one of the most highly skilled and experienced personal and business coaches in the UK (if not in Europe!). It will be run on a masterclass basis with lots of practical exercises, and opportunities to practise and receive feedback.

In order to further increase your confidence and competence, you will be asked to complete a number of coaching projects between modules, and submit written case studies. These will also form part of the certification process.

In addition, we believe that one of the keys to being a truly effective coach at this level is access to regular supervision and mentoring after the certification process is completed. Therefore, we will also offer this by arrangement on an individual basis.


This 4-day modular programme builds on our NLP Business Practitioner or any INLPTA equivalent, to constitute certification at the level of NLP Coach Practitioner according to the criteria set by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

(Click here for the INLPTA Certification Criteria page and scroll down for details of the Coach Practitioner.)

Alternatively, if you want to develop highly effective coaching skills and have attended our Business Excellence course (or equivalent) you will also be welcome to join the programme and receive a Vievolve ‘Advanced Coaching Certificate’, detailing the skills and competencies you have acquired.

Course Dates

Contact us for further information


The programme is run in Central London

Course Fee

The cost of the programme is £1250 (+vat).  Accommodation and meals are not included, but light refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
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