NLP Diploma

‘Achieving Excellence’

A workshop for creating outstanding personal and professional results.

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On this four day workshop (2 x 2 day modules) you will learn the skills you need for increasing your Influence, Impact and Effectiveness

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In particular you will…

  • Gain the interpersonal skills and levels of self-awareness demonstrated by true exemplars in the field of human communication and influence
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of how other people operate, and determine the best way to interact with them to achieve your objectives
  • Recognise your own potential strengths and limitations – how to do more of the things that work for you and change the things that don’t

This will develop your ability to…

  • Maintain and strengthen all your personal and professional relationships
  • Reach agreements that benefit all parties and sustain over time
  • Lead and operate in high performing teams, which share a common purpose and motivation
  • Conduct meetings which are effective, achieve their goals and make the best use of peoples’ time

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Outline Content

Module One (2 days)

Topics covered on this module include…

    • Creating goals and outcomes which go beyond standard SMART objectives to engage the motivational ‘drivers’ of all parties
    • Increasing results achieved in any meeting situation by precisely defining the results you want and establishing criteria for success
    • Recognising preferences in communication and thinking styles so you can adapt your approach to increase your influence and impact
    • Developing strategies for increasing your influence by establishing and maintaining high levels of rapport – especially when it does not occur naturally
    • Increasing the precision and effectiveness of your questioning strategies
    • Getting beyond the presenting symptoms of a problem situation in order that a resolution can be achieved more quickly
    • Choosing the most effective emotional state to handle any situation
    • Identifying at what level (or levels) an action needs to be taken, or a decision made, in order to achieve effective results, which will sustain over time

 Module Two (2 days)

Topics covered on this module include…

    • Understanding the way in which individual and group values drive attitudes and behaviours
    • Using these insights to enhance communication processes, create a more cohesive team and/or resolve conflicts
    • Making sense of apparently irrational or unreasonable behaviours, in order to achieve results which are acceptable to all parties
    • Developing the ability to change your response to something (or someone) negative
    • Taking control of your own perceptions and ways of thinking in order to create more choice of action
    • Utilising a simple yet highly effective strategy for changing a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’
    • Using a ‘systems’ approach to problem solving to unlock a situation that is stuck in some way, or achieve an unfulfilled outcome

Course Dates for 2019

Module 1: 8-9 May

Module 2: 5-6 June

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Central London

Course Fee

The cost of the programme is £950 (+vat).  Accommodation and meals are not included, but light refreshments will be provided  throughout the day.

Self-funding discounts and payment terms are available.

 Attendance on this course qualifies for accreditation at INLPTA NLP Diploma level and forms the first stage of an NLP Business Practitioner certification, should you wish to develop your NLP expertise further

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