Why Vievolve?

Why Vievolve?

Vievolve are one of the most innovative and forward-thinking Business Development Consultancies in the UK.

We have been developing practical and effective business solutions for over 20 years, and we specialise in the kind of approach that creates new solutions to old problems and issues – delivering integrated solutions for…

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In addition to being highly experienced trainers, coaches and facilitators, all our Directors and Associates have extensive business backgrounds in senior positions before joining us. This ensures they can provide relevant examples of the leading-edge technologies in use, and practical links to clients’ own situations and issues.

…” opens your eyes and ears to what really is going on about you, and offers the ability to have your input into situations in a way that will be fully understood by those you wish to communicate to.” Operations Director

  • We have over 20 years’ experience of applying leading-edge development tools in business contexts.
  • We have a demonstrable track record in Commercial, Government, NGO and charitable organisations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • We dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of client satisfaction
  • We agree key performance criteria for success with you ahead of any project
  • We are flexible in our approach to meeting your requirements
  • We will be proactive in suggesting modifications to a project if a more effective way becomes apparent

“The workshop provided the opportunity to challenge pre-conceptions and dispel the myth that problems are insoluble, providing practical ways of achieving resolution to all types of issues.” Head of Human Resources

Our innovative and forward-thinking approach ensures that we can deliver rapid, cost effective solutions.  This provides measurable improvements now and consistency & sustainability over the longer-term.

“Training was fantastic, truly inspirational. It you gives you a number of practical tools to use in the work environment, for those times when you’re not too sure if you’ve got what to do.” Managing Director

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